Catalina was born in Colombia in 1974.

She studied Psychology and Fine Arts in Los Andes University in Bogotá. In 1998 she produced “Untitled”, which consists of several embroidery drawings that review the psychological impact of fashion. From 1999 to 2005 she worked as a photography producer in magazines and she alternated this publishing job  with a pro bono collaboration as an art teacher in a female rehab center for drugs addiction and prostitution.

In 2006 she presented “Everybody feels the Same”, assemblages with intimate topics. Then, in 2008, she made “Informer Objet”, a series of drawings featuring the fetishes of her relatives and closest friends. Later, she started outlining  “The Emotional Alphabet” using magazines clips as a starting point to draw different scenes about psychological states. One of these pieces was chosen for the ABC Drawing Award at Just Madrid ‘11. In 2008 she did a photographic tour of several nursing homes in Bogotá, and one of this pictures, titled “Deposit”, was chosen for the Colsánitas Emerging Art Contest.  Later on, she presented “Literary Nests” at ArtBO 2010; a proposal which consists of build nests for birds, using torn pages of the different literary novels that the artist has read through the years.  From 2013 to 2014 she worked on ¨The I Ching Journals”, an aesthetic and ontological reflection about the I Ching, the Chinese ancient book about mutations and change as an eternal State. In 2015 she participated in “Arte Social”, a collective exhibition sponsored by Corona Foundation (curated by E. Sokoloff). The purpose was to gather a group of artists and commissioned them to make a sculpture using a toilet. The whole initiative was to celebrate the worldwide Sanitation Day. That year, she began to develop a new project, “Broken Dreams”, which was selected for the OMA Acquisition Prize (curated by Paralelo 10) at ArtBO´15. Her latest exhibition is titled “Birds without Sky” which was displayed at “Sidewalk of the Americas” (Mendoza- Argentina and Washington D.C), sponsored by The Inter-American Development Bank and then exhibited at Auroraespaciodearte (Bogotá)

Her artwork has been exhibited in different art fairs in Latin America and Europe and is part of many private art collections.